Decode That Recipe With This Glossary of Common Cooking Terms

Even the most experienced chef gets stumped by a recipe every now and then. To prevent road blocks during your next cooking session, memorize these three common cooking terms.

You've probably come across this term when cooking that Thanksgiving turkey. Simply put, to baste is to keep meat or other foods moist during the cooking process by spooning over a sauce, water, or its own juices. This adds flavor, while preventing the meat from drying out.

Used as the foundation of thicker sauces and gravies, a roux is a mixture of equal parts butter and flour that's stirred constantly over low heat until smooth.

Commonly applied to dessert recipes, macerating entails covering fruits or veggies in liquid, then letting them marinate until the fruits and veggies soften and the liquid's flavor has been absorbed. Said liquid is typically a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.

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Spring Into Shape With These Outdoor Exercise Tips

The dreary winter cold can leave you in a bit of an exercise rut, but the springtime sun makes everyone more motivated to get outdoors and get in shape. These exercise tips will help you get in your best shape ever—all while experiencing the great outdoors.

Buddy up.
There are a number of different reasons why working out with another person is helpful, but the number one reason is because it’s more fun! You’ll look forward to working out much more if you have a friend by your side, and being outdoors will be that much more motivation.

Improve your gear.
It’s beneficial to have the proper shoes and workout attire, especially when you’re exercising outdoors. Warm thermal shirts are important for the days when it’s not quite springtime weather, and breezy, breathable fabrics help once the temperature reaches its full potential. Having the proper outdoor running shoes can also prevent injuries and make you feel more comfortable on the pavement.

Experiment with exercises you haven’t tried before.
You probably haven’t jumped rope since gym class, but this fun and simple outdoor activity burns up to 208 calories in just 20 minutes. Swimming is another fun outdoor activity, and starting slow with a few leisurely laps makes it much less intimidating.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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IRS Tips for Managing Your Tax Records

You file your taxes every year, but do you feel confident in the records you keep afterward? Keeping accurate tax records is an important part of maintaining your financial stability. These helpful tips from the IRS will show you how to maintain your tax records. Here are some of the IRS's tips:

  • The IRS recommends that you keep your tax records for 3 years.
  • Hold on to documents related to the purchase or investments and retirement accounts for more than 3 years.
  • Although the IRS doesn’t require you to keep your records in a specific format, as a general rule you should keep anything that could possibly have an impact on your federal tax return.
  • To support deductions or credits you claim on your tax return, you should keep records of bills, credit card statements, receipts, invoices, mileage logs, cancelled or substitute checks and proofs of payment of any kind.

For more tips, visit the IRS website!

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Wellness Week for Windsor Residents begins at Equinox

Happy Presidents’ Day

Remembering the courage and vision of past and present leaders, we honor and share the spirit of Presidents' Day together as a nation.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone a day filled with fun and happy memories!

Best Birding Websites

Bird watching is a calming hobby enjoyed by people of all ages, but there are many things to learn from it as well. These informative websites will surely become helpful resources for your next birding adventure.

All About Birds
Beginning bird watchers will benefit greatly from this helpful website, which is manned by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University. Featuring birding basics, a comprehensive bird species guide, fascinating videos, scientific facts about birds, and much more, All About Birds is all you need to begin birding as a hobby.

One of the most popular sources of information for all of your birding needs, Audubon’s website is packed full of information about bird conservation, bird watching, and furthering your education about birds. This site is updated regularly to include which birds can be found as the seasons change, and it also highlights initiatives to save endangered birds all over the world.

ABA Blog
The American Birding Association’s blog keeps readers up-to-date with the organization’s latest events and initiatives. Posts from a number of contributors discuss the latest issues in birding, and features like the photo quiz and the birder’s exchange make sharing your love of birding fun.

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Cheat Day Recipe

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