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Fitness Friday

Fall into fitness with these tips for re-energizing your workout routine for autumn.

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Check Out These Surprising Health Benefits of Autumn’s Favorite Crop, Apples!

Apples are some of the most delicious types of fall produce, but they’re also packed with vitamins and nutrients that do your body some good. If you needed another reason to justify that second (or third) piece of apple pie, you’ll love this list of the many health benefits of apples.

  1. Cardiovascular health. The beneficial phytonutrients found in apples function as antioxidants and decrease the oxidation of cell membranes in the cardiovascular system. Quercetin, which is found mainly in the apple’s skin, is its main phytonutrient, but apples also contain chlorogenic acid, kaempferol and myricetin.
  2. Blood sugar regulation. The polyphenols in apples are also thought to help regulate blood sugar because they influence digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, reduce glucose absorption and stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin.
  3. Cancer prevention. Amazingly, apples have also been shown to prevent several types of cancers. They are even the only fruit or vegetable that’s been shown to prevent lung cancer.
  4. Asthma treatment. If you suffer from asthma, you may want to reach for an apple before your inhaler from now on. Apples contain a number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that work wonders on human lungs and have even been shown to decrease asthma symptoms.

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Pitch Perfect Trivia

Tomorrow is Monterey Movie Night, and we have some fun Pitch Perfect facts compliments of our friends at Buzzfeed!

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Pitch Perfect Trivia

In honor of this month's movie night, here's a fun Pitch Perfect trivia fact: Kristen Wiig was originally supposed to play the role of Gail, but she had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. It was only then that Elizabeth Banks, already a producer on the movie, stepped into the role.

How to Add Mixed Patterns to Your Apartment’s Decor

Think it takes a decorator’s eye to mix patterns? Think again! With a few smart tips and some simple rules to keep in mind, you can mix patterns like the pros in any room in your home.

  1. Choose a color scheme. First, pick a color scheme that you’ll stick with throughout the room. Whether it’s basic black and white or something brighter, like yellow and blue, this will make your pattern mixing much easier.
  2. Limit the number of patterns. While it may seem overwhelming to mix a dozen different patterns, even the most novice home decorator can work with three or four. Keep things simple, but still incredibly impactful.
  3. Decide where you’ll mix your patterns. Adding a variety of different throw pillows on the sofa or the bed is one of the most popular ways to incorporate a few different patterns in a room, but you might also want to add even more fun prints. For even more depth and dimension, try a temporary wallpaper in a big, bold pattern, or use a funky rug with simpler throw pillows and curtains.
  4. Make your own. If you’re having a hard time finding pillowcases or curtains in patterns that go together, try creating your own! It’s very easy to sew these items at home, and some tutorials don’t even involve any sewing at all.

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Organize Jewelry and Accessories With These Smart and Easy DIYs

If it seems almost impossible to keep your necklaces, rings, and other accessories neat and organized, read on! These smart tips will show you new, smart ways to keep your jewelry and accessories tidy and tangle-free. Best of all, you can make them yourself — inexpensively!

Antique Saucer Jewelry Storage [Buzzfeed]
Store your everyday jewelry right out in the open by using a few china tea saucers. You can usually find them at your local thrift store, and they make a good place to corral loose rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Hanging Thread Organizer []
Make a quick visit to your local craft store and purchase a wooden thread organizer. This handy storage solution is meant to hold spools of thread, but its numerous wooden pegs are also perfect for hanging necklaces and bracelets on the back of a door, on the wall, or inside of a cabinet.

Corkboard Jewelry Holder []
Many people have an unused corkboard tucked away in a closet, and if you don’t, you can easily pick one up for cheap at an office supply store. Place attractive push-pins all over the corkboard and arrange them in a way that best suits your jewelry collection.

The Sandwich Goes Sweet in These 5 Dessert Panini Recipes

Sure, it might sound strange, but the dessert panini is having a moment in the culinary world. Whether you choose to try one for lunch or for dessert, these creative grilled sandwiches will certainly be the sweet spot of your whole day.

Sweet Dessert Paninis [Food Network]
Filled with the sugary, buttery goodness that's signature to celebrity chef Paula Deen, this hazelnut panini is truly decadent.

Nutella S’Mores Panini [Panini Happy]
This sandwich combines chocolate and marshmallow, just like a grown-up s’more.

Strawberry-Nutella Panini [Recipe Boy]
The Nutella is sweet, but strawberries make this recipe a healthier alternative that you can even eat for lunch.

Blueberry, White Chocolate and Marshmallow Panini [Always Order Dessert]
A pinch of salt brings out the sweet, gooey flavors in this unique panini recipe.

Plum and Brie Dessert Panini Recipe [McCormick]
When you’re feeling a bit fancy, this sweet panini offers just the right amount of gourmet taste.

Seriously Tempting No-Bake Desserts to Try This Summer

If you can’t even imagine turning on the oven during the summer heat, no-bake desserts are the perfect alternatives to your usual fresh baked cookies. These oven-free desserts are just as delicious as more traditional options, and they’re often much easier to prepare, which leaves you with more time for lounging by the pool! Here are three no-bake dessert recipes to try at your next potluck dinner.

7-Layer Ice Cream Cake []
Cool off after a summer dinner with this colorful ice cream cake. Pound cake creates a sweet, dense base stacked between layers of tasty vanilla ice cream, while thick meringue is a wonderfully fluffy replacement for the usual heavy icing.

Creamy Layered Lemon Squares []
Swap out your usual lemon square recipe for something much quicker — and cooler. Basic graham crackers create a crunchy crust, and the addition of ripe strawberries makes this dessert perfect for the summertime.

Hawaiian Cookie Balls []
The kids will adore these fun and tasty cookie balls made with sweet, crushed pineapple and flaky coconut. You can also decorate them with colorful gel icings and sprinkles to turn them into fun ducks or chickens for a child’s birthday party.

Let’s Clear the Air: The 4 Best Air-Purifying Houseplants

Have you ever considered adding a few air purifying plants to your apartment's decor? Not only do lush, green plants brighten up a space, they also clean the air and help remove toxins. Here are four of the best houseplants for air purification.

  • Boston fern. This tried-and-true houseplant doesn’t just look great, it also removes more formaldehyde from the air than any other type of plant. With its long, textured leaves and springy shape, ferns are ideal for an empty space on a shelf or even the floor.
  • Palm tree. If you want something a bit bigger, classic palm trees are also very good at removing formaldehyde from the air. They’re very easy to care for, and they add a tropical look to your home.
  • Golden pothos. This is one of the most popular houseplants, and for very good reason. It is almost impossible to kill, which makes it a great starter houseplant, and it’s also effective at purifying the air.
  • Peace lily. The flowering peace lily is one of only a few that will bloom indoors, and it removes benzene and certain VOCs from harsh cleaning products.

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